Dear Mr. Geib,

You always tell us to elaborate on our opinion and mention the opinion of other people. Well, quite frankly I did mention the other side of the argument and acknowledged that there's always going to be two sides to every argument, and it's all going to be based on an individual's morals (at least in Bioethics...) You tell me to write more, to further elaborate, but honestly, I have NOTHING more to say. This is my opinion, and no one is going to change it. So if you don't like my opinion, tell me. But please don't tell me to write more when this is all I have to say.

Brevity can be just as powerful.

Genetic Engineering:

Genetically Modified Food
I'm sorry, but I really don't have very much to say about genetically modified food. Label the GMOs, let us enjoy them and you can avoid them with all your heart... Everyone's happy. You know, there are such things as moral boundries.... And also, I can't really imagine what kind of person would be against some sort of genetically modified organisms or foods that would help third world countries. Is it wrong to want to help people who need the help? It seems absurd to me when someone is against it because they don't know what it will do to their kids... What the hell is going to happen? Are they going to grow a third arm? REALLY? But it's okay. This is just my opinion, and every opinion matters. So like I said, you can stay away from the GMOs, I'll keep living my life eating them.

Genetic Engineering:

Designer Babies
I'm mostly for genetic engineering when it comes to medical advancements. There's no telling what great things we can do to better human kind. what would a world be like without AIDS, Leukemia, cancer, Sickled Cell Anemia, Multiple Sclerosis, and so many other severe and fatal diseases that exist in our world. It is widely feared that this new technology will be used and abused for cosmetic reasons, but there's a simple solution: DON'T let it happen! If someone says no to end painful suffering due to diseases simply because they do not trust a "no-designer-babies law" will be effectively enforced, then quite honestly, they are ignorant imbeciles.

Then there's the argument of playing God. First off, whose God are you referring to? My God? It certainly couldn't be my non-existant God (that wouldn't make sense...but then again, what's one athiest in the midst of a Christian environment?) Simple solution. If you're against it, don't do it, don't use the technology. Hello, logic and common sense! Let those of us who would rather have a healthy baby do so and the rest of the heartless parents-to-be can let their children suffer.

There's always going to be two sides to any argument, and of course it's good to hear both sides-- every opinion matters. But why can't people butt out of each other's business and let them make their own decisions? Let people who are for genetic engineering ensure a healthy baby free of fatal diseases like Trisomy 13-- a terrible disease that my parents' friend and his wife just had to endure with their child who lived for less than 24 hours. Let us be happy. Keep out of our business and we'll keep out of yours.

Cloning & Stem Cell Research

I have a simple question: what's wrong with stem cell research? If it's for the right reasons, that is. There is research being done with stem cells to create a healing cell, for all intents and purposes. I can understand the fury behind debates against embryonic stem cell research: to some people, life begins at conception. I, however, fully believe that life begins when tissues start to form. Developed tissues, not just a clutter of cells. When an embryo has a heart, a brain, skin, eyes, and so on, that is when a new life has begun. But before that, when it's a clutter of cells, it is exactly that: a clutter of cells. Some say that any potential for life shouldn't be wasted in a petri dish, and that it's morally wrong. But then, what would they do about all the eggs being absorbed into a tampon every month? That's a waste of a potential life, but no one does anything about that. Imagine the great technological advancements: being able to cure fatal diseases like Parkinson's or ALS. Of course, these things take time, but think about it. Is it wrong to want to help people? And what's wrong with fertilizing an egg that would just go to waste anyways?

This brings me to cloning: why do we clone animals? I'm curious. Why? Sure, I can kind of see it to feed third world countries... okay. But like, you could also just breed animals for that. But when it comes to cloning a human embryo, I can sort of see it. Sort of. It would theoretically appease the people who oppose stem cell research because it is taking an egg and fertilizing it.... which is a potential life. But then again, so is the newly cloned human embryo. With cloning, my views get fuzzier and my opinion gets much closer to the fence.

But stem cell research is really, in my opinion, one of the better things we can be doing now to try to come up with new solutions to things like fatal diseases and injuries. If we can get to the point where we can make a girl who was paralyzed from the waste down walk again, wouldn't it be worth it? What if it was your kids that got injured? I know if that ever happened to my kids, I give anything in the world to see the joy in their eyes to be able to take their first steps again.

But then again, that's just me.