I fall in to the category of another skeptic of this whole unit. The Hippocratic Oath says to ‘do no harm’ and to ‘ease the suffering ‘of their patients, but how can this be handles with is without using stem cells. With genetic engineering how do you that the genes do not become mutated or anything like that.

If the health insurance companies could require our genome to get mapped out, they would take advantage and make people become uninsurable. This uninsurability could cause another recession because people would be paying off their bills for, because they would have cost a lot of money. An alternative that the insurance companies could do is use them for preventative care. This could save the

If someone wants their genome sequenced, they should have it done but if they want to live life unknowing, that is also fine. The more that people know about their genetics, the more afraid of life they will become. The truth is that we can die at anytime for any reason. So why not make the most out of life and live as if there was no tomorrow.

Genetic Engineering might help, and I would want my child to be happy, but what if we were, as Shannon had mentioned, ‘take away a part of them’ that would help with their happiness. I feel that if we took away a part of the child they may not feel complete and find it hard to be happy.

I also thing that when a child is teased, as was I, it can only make them a stronger person. The child will have a better sense of self if brought up in the right way.

I am truly confused by genetically modified organism’s because there are so many sides to them. The only thing that I know is certain about them is that people have needed more gallbladder and appendix removals, and worse health relating to the circulatory system. They could be good or bad, but the only thing that the people in the United States focuses on is that they are cheap in a time of need. I think that we should make programs in third world countries that teach the people how to produce food and give them the GMOs so that they do not take all of our money and they will be able to support themselves.

I feel that an embryonic stem cell have the potential for life, but can it be considered a life? It cannot feel, taste, touch, sense people’s feelings, but it still has its very own DNA. I am torn by the two sides whether to consider an Embryonic Stem cell a life. Would we be harming a potential life or would saving of one patients life be enough to take away the possible life?

If the embryo is not used, it becomes incinerated. I think that it is worse if the embryo was burned than be used to help another person. Adult stem cell should be used more often because we have to measure the durability and get caught up to embryonic stem cells so we, human can take a vote on it.

I think that suffering is a part of life that can only make people stronger if they have the right mind set. The people also want to help themselves.