I think the human imperfection is what make us special and we should embrace the idea of who we are and when we start to doing all different kinds of modifications to humans that our gene pool will be really messed up, the day when we start to go to our doctors and tell them that we don’t want any of these things in our kids, when/ where is the line to be drawn? Like Ms. O’Neill said this is the first step of the “slippery slope” the next thing a parent would want is their kids to have a special skill or skills once the ball gets rolling it’s never going to stop. In the world like Gattaca, society is separated between the natural born and the modified and the modified gets all the great jobs and have no imperfection in them and you can’t have certain jobs just because of your genes would you want to lived in a world like that? I sure wouldn’t want to live a society like Gatataca you can’t be all you can be you can only be all they want you to be. If a baby is made through modification it loses all its unique personality and the imperfection that what makes us human. Even if parents say they want what’s best for their kid and yet you don’t give your kid a saying in his/her pathway where is the good parenting in that?

Back in the days when DDT first came out there were ads all over magazines and telling people it’s good for people, but years later the scientists discovered that DDT was actually slowly poisoning the man kind. The question I raise here is that would the same results of DDT happen to GMO as well? Although the FDA assures us that it’s perfectly alright to eat genetic modified food but what if say 20 years on the road we found out that GMF was slowly poisoning us shortening our life span instead of prolong it, I am sure there will be finger pointing. The positive side of GMO is that it could be the solution to end world hunger

GMO has the possibility to end world hunger, but should we end world hunger though the GMO yes as the human race we can mass reproduce crops though GMO and in a short amount of time, while it is all good that we have a solution towards the big problem everybody is facing but when we look into how GMO food is made it raises a alarm that is within us, our curiosity made us wonder what is in the food that we consumes, when I saw the video clip of how people tried making strawberries grow in the winter by crossing a cell of a fish to the cell of the strawberry, and surly that strawberry grew healthily in the winter and that makes wonder what if a person likes strawberries but allergic to the fish that were crossed bread in to the strawberry, and ate one of those GMO strawberry that look just like any other berry there might be a horrific, tragic story of how a man died of eating his favorite fruit with out knowing it has been genetically modified with a fish he is allergic to. The up side of the GMO is that they are saving the farming industries from viruses and pesticides. Like the Hawaii papaya fruit industry was almost went down the drain because of the ringworm virus, and they weren’t anything farmers could do until scientist crossed a bug’s gene with the papaya and soon enough they did a testing and the r
ingworm virus did not come back and the papaya industry was saved. And when we are given the chance of get rid GMOs to the third world countries to save them from a horrific death in hunger would we do it? Would there be criticisms when we get rid of all our GMOs and give it to the third world? I would think so, it just look bad when we are saving third world countries by getting rid of the food that Americans don’t want because the potential danger GMO poses to the our society.

Genetic engineering is another big topic, this whole time people are either for it, against it, some where in the middle of it or genetic engineering what the hell is that? Is that a game? Well I am with that percentage of where I am just in the middle of all these, I believe it’s not about religious vs. science what I believe is that the ending of suffering, what makes us human is not suffering! What makes us humans the yearning to heal! Genetic engineering has the possibility to end the human suffering, genetic engineering has taken the human race into next step to end suffering! Genetic therapy or stem cell therapy can help a quadriplegic to recover some of their ability to use their hand again! Why should we cut funds stem cell research which can possibly end the suffering of human species? Are we really so concerned about a few embryos so we going to stop the research, but at the end of the day the unused embryos are flamed away anyway! So why don’t we just put it in to good use instead of wasting them, and sure adult stem cell has contributed to the research, but the result is just simply not good enough when you compare it to a embryo stem cell, an adult stem cell all the characteristic has already been formed while embryo is just starting to develop the characteristic. So there is a lot of wiggle room and more potential for the best result of stem cell research. But the down size to all the stem cell and genetic engineering is that you never know if someone is taking it to far or the potential possibility of having a negative impact on our gene pool! But if this is what it takes to end human suffering would you support it? I sure still haven’t found the answer to it but I leave all of you with this quote from spider-man “with great power comes great responsibility”